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Fitness Coaching For People Committed To Change



Achieving your health and fitness goals is not just about the workouts; it is about creating healthy, sustainable habits on a daily basis outside of the gym. That's why I take pride in educating clients on how to be successful outside of the studio with lifestyle tips and habit coaching so they not only achieve their goals but sustain them long term too. If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels and actually change, contact me today and book your free consult!



"I have been working with Brad for over 3 years and never felt better. I am more energetic, flexible and no longer have issues with depression. Brad is a fantastic fitness trainer and is  very knowledgable about fitness and exercise. He keeps me motivated to continue working out. I have orthopedic issues and Brad customizes my sessions to my abilities. If you are interested in working with a trainer to meet your goals for weight loss or just need to be healthier, Brad is the man for the job. You won't regret it and you'll amazed at the results."

Ellen W.


I have been working out under Brad's direction for almost a year and I have never felt better! Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle but also gained so much self-confidence! I feel so much better about myself emotionally and physically! He is very motivating and will work around injuries or weak areas. Even during the pandemic when Brad couldn't coach in person, he sent me new workouts that I could do at home and stayed connected during frequent texts! My 2 daughters have just started going to his group classes and love it!

Andi M.


I have been training with Brad for close to a year and he has helped me to exceed all of the goals I have set. He is extremely knowledgeable so the workouts are always being switched up and I am constantly learning new exercises. When I first started training with him I did not feel comfortable going to the gym due to my lack of knowledge, but through his guidance I now feel confident going to the gym without someone showing me what to do. Brad has helped me to lose weight while gaining muscle and I have had countless people compliment me and it is all thanks to Brad.

Patrick N.

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"I met Brad five weeks ago in order to get back into an exercise program. We discussed goals and agreed we would be able to work together. I am so happy with Brad and his training program. He does not let me coast through a workout and will have new exercises for the next session. I didn't think I would see results after 5 weeks, but I have and I am so happy. Brad has provided me nutrition data and will make himself available if I need encouragement in the food regimen. Besides being a super trainer, Brad is a very nice, kind, considerate man. I couldn't be happier."

Noel D.

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LOVE that Brad is available to his clients outside of studio hours. We can text or email any questions/problems we need guidance with. He pushes you past your comfort zone. He checks in when we’re struggling outside the studio. He’s an outstanding trainer! 



Have questions about my programs or how to get started? Feel free to email, call or fill out this form and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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